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You, your Offshore Company and the Law

It is important that, however Draconian the laws of your home state may appear to be, you remain within the law.

It is this and this alone, that differentiates between Tax Avoidance, which is perfectly legal, and Tax Evasion which is not. Most States have a fairly relaxed attitude to those who wish to shelter their assets elsewhere than in their home country. Unfortunately the United States is not among these and exerts its influence on the affairs of its citizens wherever they may choose to place their affairs.

You Have Been Warned - Fraudulent Disposition.
Before you even contemplate moving your assets offshore, you should consider the implications of The Fraudulent Dispositions Act. To avoid your creditors by hiding assets is illegal and an IBC will not protect you from their wrath! This is a criminal offence and the law provides for the veil of secrecy to be swept away in such cases. If you are already embroiled in such a case it is too late. If, on the other hand, no such action has been instigated, swift action may save you. Above all, tell your offshore provider, frankly, of your situation and follow his advice.

You and the Tax-Man.
The U.S. authorities require a statement from their citizens to the effect that they have no controlling interest or similar influence on an offshore account or company. If a controlling interest is declared, then tax will be payable on interest or profits produced by the account or company.

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