The OMA Group is proud to offer a Corporate Trust Account to new clients at a very affordable price.  This package is for potential clients that need an offshore account.

Banking secrecy in the Republic of Panama is strictly enforced by law. Access to bank records is available only to signatories on the account - and to no one else.

Panamanian corporation law offers a wide variety of incentives for resident or non resident businessmen and investors due to the flexibility of the fiscal law.

A Foundation is a hybrid between a Trust and a Corporation. Its functions are simply asset protection. It affords this protection by legally owning assets.

Rather than form a new Foundation or Corporation you may want to purchase one of our existing entities. Often times it is advantageous to own an aged entity rather than a new company.

OMA Realty is an exclusive fully licensed Real Estate Company in the Republic of Panama, specializing in high value properties for affluent clients.


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