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Your Private Bank account

The OMA Group is proud to offer a Corporate Trust Account to new clients at a very affordable price. This package is for potential clients that need an offshore account with wire transfer facilities and are not planning a visit to the Republic of Panama in the near future. This offer is made though our captive trust company registered in Nevis, West Indies; OMA Enterprise Trust Company. 

The Corporate Trust Package includes:

  • Umbrella Panamanian Private Interest Foundation with Nominee/Council Members
  • Panamanian Corporation with Nominee/Directors
  • Segregated Trust Account with OMA Enterprise Trust Company
  • General Power of Attorney for the beneficial owner/client

Considerations and Topics for Discussion:

  • Signatory Authority and the 10k IRS Rule
  • IRS filing requirements and exceptions to these rules
  • In house accounting and statement of account on demand
  • Reasonable fees for wire transfers and certified checks
  • Source of Funds Letters not needed for incoming transfers of 50k or less
  • Minimum balance required is only 1k
  • Other services available with reasonable fees

Special Note:

Once the Trust Account balance exceeds 50k we suggest you move the account to one of our commercial banks here in Panama.  At that time you may want to plan a visit and get to know our company, our staff and also the tropical paradise of Panama.   

For more details, pricing etc. please give us a call.  We will be glad to answer any and all of your questions and concerns.

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